Business Profile

The Business Profile captures all of the basic information pertaining to your business.  The information is used to generate the presentation tools Marketing Website and Business Snapshot. These tools help attract buyers and present your business details.

Business Snapshot

The Business Snapshot tool is the first look under the hood at your business from a prospective Buyer. This information is populated from information put into the Business Snapshot. Once the Business Profile is complete, take a moment to look at the Business Snapshot and correct any missing data editing the Business Profile.


The Buyers page is designed to help you manage and find contact information on all Buyers in the system here. 'Registered Buyers' will only be able to see the business snapshot. 'Active Buyers' will see all files uploaded in the 'Prepare Agreement' Step.


The Dashboard is the user's home base in DealMaker360. This contains widgets that show the user the next steps to take. There are tools that show on the Dashboard depending on where you are in the process of selling your business.

Deal Switcher (Professional Edition)

Users can work on multiple deals at the same time with different roles. The Deal Switcher at the top of the page allows users to switch between deals at any time.


The Documents tools keeps all files uploaded during the DealMaker360 process. 

Gross Consideration Tool

This tool outlines all money or other payment in exchange for the assets as defined on the 'Terms Sheet.' Use the values on the 'Terms Sheet' submitted by Buyers via the offers tool on the 'Dashboard.' You may return to this tool at any time through the Tools section on the Navigation bar. Complete this calculator before accepting an offer to get an idea of the true value of an offer. The values will automatically save on the calculator. You may return to the calculator at any time through this task or through the Tools menu on the Navigation bar to the left.

Halt Transaction

The Halt Transaction tool is designed to stop a transaction when both parties have reached an impasse. This function is permanent and will take the user back to the Negotiate Terms Step.

Left Navigation Bar

The DealMaker360 Left Navigation bar is designed to give you easy access to all the important tools in one place. You can collapse and expand the navigation bar.

Manage Deals

Manage Deals gives a user the ability to Deactivate businesses if they are running multiple businesses on their account. They can also see any deals that they are a part of the team and manage them from this page.

Marketing Website

The DealMaker360 Marketing Website is a tool that will publish all data that you have input into the Business Profile. Once you have completed your Business Profile, take a moment to look at the Marketing Website and fix any data that displays incorrectly. 

Pro Tools

Professionals are able to invite clients to use their platform. The invitation link allows the user to send an email through DealMaker with a link. The user is given the option to either sign up, or to run a valuation on their business


DealMaker360 walks you through ‘Steps’ to help with the sale of your business. Your first step is ‘Prepare for Sale.’

Team Members

Team Members will see all documents, tasks, activities, and tools that the primary account holder can see.

Terms Sheet

When an offer on a business is made, the user submits a Terms Sheet.


The Tools section of DealMaker360 holds all of the  You may explore each Tool to learn how to utilize them in the process of selling your business. Your Marketing Website and Business Snapshot will be available once your complete your Business Profile, available in the left Navigation bar.


On the Users page, you can manage your Team Members and Buyers. You may also invite your Buyers or Team Members to join you during the DealMaker360 process through these tools.

Valuation Tool

We have provided our own Proprietary DealMaker360 Valuation Tool to help you understand and substantiate the value of your business. This tool defaults to being only visible to the Seller. You may let potential buyers see your valuation by turning using the toggle on the calculator. The values will automatically save on the calculator. You may return to the calculator at any time through this task or through the Tools menu on the Navigation bar to the left.

Your Deals Summary

If a user wants an over view of all of the current deals that they are working on, they can choose the Your Deals Summary Dashboard. This will give the user the ability to choose a deal, view requests and NDA's and see any offers that have been sent or received.