The Steps page gives the user the option to manually switch between any unlocked Steps. Steps that are grayed out with a lock have not yet been completed. Steps are unlocked when the previous Step is completed. Complete a Step by finishing or ignoring all Activities in the Step. Negotiate Terms Step will unlock when the Seller has accepted a Terms Sheet. Once the Seller has accepted the terms sheet from the Buyer, other Buyers are locked out of the system. You may click on locked steps to preview what types of activities will be in them. These are subject to change during the course of your transaction, depending on user input.

Buyers will only see the Prepare Agreement, Finalize Agreement, and Close Your Deal Steps.


The order of the Steps is as follows:

  1. Prepare for Sale

  2. Find a Buyer

  3. Negotiate Terms

  4. Prepare Agreement

  5. Finalize Agreement

  6. Close Your Deal


  1. Unlocked Step: This step is available to work on.
  2. Locked Step: This is a locked Step. Complete the previous step to unlock this step.
  3. Help Button: User may click on the question mark at any time to retrieve relevant help.