DealMaker360 has a list of Activities associated with each Step. The following are the four types of Activities:

  • Simple: A simple Activity contains instructions for the user to follow and then mark complete. 
  • Template/Link: These Activities contain either a relevant link and instructions, or a template for the user to download.
  • Upload: These Activities contain instructions and a file upload for simple documents that the user should have access to.
  • Upload/Template: The most complex Activity, this contains a template for the user to download, fill out, and upload to the system.


We recommend that you thoroughly read each Activity's instructions. If an Activity is not relevant to the sale of your business, you may return to the Activity List page and Ignore the Activity. If you want a Team Member to complete an Activity or review a file that you have uploaded, you may complete these functions on Activity List Page. Details on performing these functions is covered on the Activity List Page in the help manual.


Multiple files may be uploaded on an Upload File activity. Files uploaded in the Prepare for Sale stage will be visible to Buyers who have signed a non-disclosure agreement that has been approved by the Seller. 

Files uploaded during any other stage are only visible to a Transactional Buyer. There may only be one Transactional Buyer at a time. All files are also available in the Documents tool during the process.


We strongly suggest uploading files as PDFs. PDF is a widely used file format. Using alternate file formats may lead to compatibility problems between the Buyer and Seller. Most word processors and accountinvg software has the ability to export a file as a PDF. Please consult your preferred program’s help files to learn more. 



  1. Title: The title area shows both the step you are on and the Activity name that you are currently completing.
  2. Activity Instructions: The instruction area gives detailed information on how to complete the Activity. 
  3. Action: The action area shows buttons for any templates or links associated with the Activity.
  4. Complete: check the box to mark the Activity complete. The language changes depending on what type of task you are working with.

Upload Document Area: This area is used on Activities that require a file upload. 

  1. Upload Button: Click this button to open a window to start uploading files to the Activity.

  2. Title: This column shows the name of the file.

  3. Owner: This shows the user that uploaded the file.

  4. Date:  The date that the file was uploaded.

  5. Download: This icon lets the you start a download of the file.

  6. Mark as Final/Draft: Files will not be shown to a buyer until they are marked as final. If you want to hide a previously shared file, you may mark it as a draft to hide it from the other parties to the transaction.

  7. Delete: Remove the file.