Features & Enhancements

    Deal creation options – Pro account users now have the option to create a deal without the requirement to invite a seller. The seller can now be invited at any step in the transaction.

    Pro users can edit and upload documents to activities in steps that are locked.

    APA/SPA Deferment – If APA/SPA is not selected upon deal creation, there is a new button to added to transactional steps so the decision can be made at that time.

    Improved design for badges designating status of uploaded documents, DRAFT/FINAL.

    Upon account creation a pro user is taken to the master dashboard rather than the resources page.

    Changed the link for the resources button to https://www.dealmaker360.com/resources

    Added action item language to the deal overview when all the activities in Negotiate Terms are ignored

Bug Fixes

    Final Due Diligence steps updated to ensure they are assigned to the proper transactional buyer rather than the first active buyer. 

    The halt transaction modal has been updated with working exit icon.

    Resolved a minor bug that effected step activities assignment and editing of custom activities.