The DealMaker360 Activity page gives you a list of all Activities in the current step. Once all Activities are completed or ignored, the next Step will unlock. You may continue to the next step by using the “Next” button at the bottom of the page, or by returning to the dashboard.


  1. Activity Name: Each Activity has a unique name.
  2. Assignee and Status: Shows the current status of the Activity as well as the user to whom it is currently assigned. The types of statuses are covered below.
    • Incomplete: Activity has not been completed
    • Ignored: User has ignored the Activity
    • Complete: User has completed the Activity by clicking on the checkbox inside the Activity.
    • Requested: DealMaker has requested these due diligence documents on behalf of the Buyer.
    • Waiting: Seller has completed their portion of the Activity; Seller has assigned the Activity to the Buyer to review and affirm completion.
    • Affirmed: Buyer has reviewed the information and affirmed that the Seller has completed their portion.
  3. Action Menu: 
    • View: Opens the Activity.
    • Assign: Gives the user the ability to assign or add a Team Member on the Activity Page.
    • Ignore: Ignores the task. The system will consider this Activity complete. A user may change an Activity's status back to incomplete from Ignore.
  4. Show Ignored Activities Button: Show all Activities that have been ignored.
  5. Add Activity: Add an activity to the list during the current step. You may assign the activity to the other team during a transaction.
  6. Add Category: Add a category for activities in the current step. You may edit user-made categories until an activity has been loaded into the category.
  7. Help: User may click on the question mark at any time to retrieve a help bubble that has information related to the current DealMaker process.